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Auto subtitles for videos

Auto generate subtitles for videos using CloudStudio's speech-to-text AI or upload and edit your own SRT file.

Watch the short video tutorial above, or read on!

Automatic speech to text based subtitles allows to burn subtitles directly on the videos or download as SRT files

Multiple ways to add subtitles to your videos

Adding subtitles to videos is very easy with CloudStudio and can be done in many ways.

  1. You can auto generate subtitles using speech-to-text AI available in CloudStudio.
  2. You can upload your own SRT file, if you have one, to CloudStudio.
  3. You can manually type the subtitles and put time ranges for them in CloudStudio.

To create a video with subtitles follow the steps below.

1. Start a project and choose the canvas aspect

screenshot of cloudstudio showing the start new project button You have to pick the video canvas aspect depending on the platfrom you are going to share the video on. If you audience is expected to watch the video on desktop then pick horizontal aspect (16:9), otherwise pick vertical aspect (9:16) for mobile viewers.

2. Upload your video

screenshot of cloudstudio showing the upload files button Press the upload files button or drop your video into the left pane.

3a. Auto generate subtitles with speech-to-text AI

screenshot of cloudstudio showing the export video button To auto generate the subtitles, select the video in the center pane or the timeline, and then press the “Speech to text” button on the AI tools section in the right pane. This will fire the process on the server and you will see the conversion in progress in the assets tab in the left pane. Once the conversion is done, you will see the subtitles on the video. You can then edit them if you need using the subtitles pane in the left.

3b. (Optional) Upload your SRT file, or manually enter the subtitles

screenshot of cloudstudio showing the subtiles tab for manually uploading srt file, or     adding subtitles In the subtitle pane on the left, you have an option of uploading your own SRT file. Once you upload the file, CloudStudio will show the subtitles on the the video, as well as allow you to edit them further if needed.

You can also manually enter the subtitles in the left pane’s subtitle tab. You can adjust the times of each subtitle easily using the subtitles tab, or editing the text clip in the timeline, just like editing any other text clip.

4. Export video with subtitles

screenshot of cloudstudio showing the export video button Once you are done with generating, adding and editing the subtitles, simply export the project.

screenshot of cloudstudio showing the export modal with burn subtitles toggle button

If you want the subtitles to be burned on to the video frames the toggle the “Burn subtitles on video” button to yes/green from no/red state. You can also not burn the subtitles on the video, and download them as a SRT file to upload yourself on video sharing websites if you wish so.

Add subtitles to your video

Frequently asked questions

What is the best tool for adding subtitles to video?

While there are many options available, CloudStudio is a very easy and efficient option. You can auto generate subtitles, upload your own SRT file, or type yourself. Once done you can burn the subtitles to the video or download then as SRT.

How much does it cost to add subtitles in CloudStudio?

You and add subtitles for free, up to the export limits of free accounts. Please support us by purchasing a subscription, which will allow you to export 1000min of subtitles per year.

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