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Trim video

Usually when shooting videos, we tend to have unwanted parts in the beginning or end of the videos. You can easily and quickly trim out those parts using CloudStudio.

Watch the short video tutorial, or read the blog below.

Upload your files

CloudStudio screenshot showing how to upload file

Upload your media files to CloudStudio by either dragging them into the left pane, or clicking the upload button. The asset(s) will be added to the project, and automatically synced to the cloud.

Add the video

CloudStudio screenshot showing how to add the video to the timeline and canvas

Add the video to the canvas by clicking on the plus button in green. Adjust the size of the video to your liking.

Trim video

CloudStudio screenshot showing how to trim video

In the bottom pane timeline, each video is shown as a strip. You can easily trim the front and end of the video by dragging the small vertical bars at the front and end respectively. Once you trim the beginning and end parts, you are ready to export.

Export the video

Once you are happy with your edits, export the final video, by clicking on the "Export video" button, on the top right. This will open the export window which looks like this:

CloudStudio screenshot of the export modal window

You can choose a name for the export, the quality, and if you want to receive an email upon completion. Press "Launch export" to start the export on the cloud. Once the export is finished, you can share the video, or download it to post on your preferred venues.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I trim a video?

To trim a video, simply upload your video file to CloudStudio and drag the sides of the clip in the timeline. Alternatively, you can position the timebar to the point up to which you want to trim and click the 'Split' button to split at that point, and delete the undesired part by pressing backspace, or right-clicking and selecting delete.

What is a video trimmer?

A video trimmer enables you to shorten your video's duration. Trim the ends of an overly long video or eliminate undesired portions by splitting the video. With CloudStudio, you can accomplish all of this online.

How do I crop, rotate, loop and edit my video?

To crop, select the clip and use the Crop tab in the right pane to crop in any of the four directions. For rotation, click on the video and modify the rotation slider. To create a loop, copy and paste your video multiple times onto the timeline.

Which video cutter is the best?

CloudStudio is one of the easiest and friendly video editor available, enabling users to edit, trim, and cut videos effortlessly on a web browser, without installing any software. CloudStudio's user-friendly interface simplifies video trimming with its user friendly interface.

What is the difference between cutting and trimming a video?

When you cut a video, you remove a part of of a video, whether from the beginning, middle or end. While trimming a video means removing parts from the start or end of a video or footage. So trimming is a type of cutting!

Do much more easier and faster

Cut, trim, change brightness, contrast, add text and images, and much more. Edit videos easier and faster with CloudStudio

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Edit anything

Crop, resize, add borders, change brightness, contrast, saturation for images and video. Trim, cut, slow down or increase speed for videos. Change fonts types, colors, weight for text. Change color, transparency... and more, for all type of assets.

Advanced AI

State-of-the-art deep learning based methods for short video creation, background removal, face blurring, visual enhancement, shot detection, speech denoising, style transfer and many more. We are AI researchers and we keep on improving on AI.

Spatial and multitrack

Add text to videos, make a picture in picture or grid layout video by easily dragging and resizing like a presentation making software. Edit multiple audio, video, image, shape and text assets in an easy to use but highly powerful multi track timeline editor.

Always in sync

All assets are automatically synced with our servers, so your work is always saved. You can refresh anytime if you get cut off or log in from a different computer at a different location. And if you loose them locally, you can always download them from the cloud.

Compute on the cloud

Edit in the browser, export on the cloud! The heavy computations of processing video files happens on our powerful cloud servers, so you and your computer can relax, while your final video gets ready. Small videos process quickly, and get an email when big videos are done.

Download or share links

You can download the final videos in various formats to use as standalone files, or you can share a link from CloudStudio and send via email or messaging. the recipient would direcly stream from our servers, without you or them needing to download large files.

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