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Screen Recording

Easily record your full screen, a window, or a Chrome tab, with CloudStudio, just follow the easy steps.

1. Select screen recording and start

CloudStudio screenshot showing how to record screen

The camera, microphone and screen recorder is on the top of the left pane. Once you toggle the screen selection, the button will turn into start recording. Press the button to start.

2. Select Screen to record

Next, your browser will give you options to record an entire screen, or a specific window, or in case of Chrome, a specific tab. Choose your desired option, and this will start the recording and show a timer.

3. Edit your recording

CloudStudio screenshot showing screen recording asset

Once you finish the recording, press the stop recording button. The recorded video will be added to the left pane, and will be synced with the cloud. At this point do not close the app, or disconnect from the internet, as doing so will make you loose your recording.

After the recording is available you can edit it just like any normal video, will all the many features available on CloudStudio.

4. Export the video

CloudStudio screenshot of the export modal window

Export the final video, by clicking on the "Export video" button, on the top right. This will open the Export window. You can choose a name for the export, the quality, and if you want to receive an email upon completion. Press "Launch export" to start the export on the cloud. Once the export is finished, you can share the video, or download it to post on your preferred venues.

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