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Add audio to video

Replacing the audio track or to add another audio track with expalanation or just soothing music is a great way of improving videos. With CloudStudio you can add one or more audio tracks to your existing videos. Just follow the simple steps.

Upload your files

CloudStudio screenshot showing how to upload file

Upload your media files to CloudStudio by either dragging them into the left pane, or clicking the upload button. The asset(s) will be added to the project, and automatically synced to the cloud.

Add the video and audio to the timeline

CloudStudio screenshot showing how to upload file

Add the video and audio by clicking on the plus button in green. The video will be visible in both the timeline as well as the canvas, while the audio will be visible in the timeline. Adjust the size of the video to your liking.

Adjust the timeline

CloudStudio screenshot showing how to upload file

Adjust the video and audio in the timeline by dragging the elements or their edges as needed for the project. Tip: use “Fit timeline to window” button on the top right of the timeline pane, from time to time, for convenient editing.

Export the video

Once you are happy with your edits, export the final video, by clicking on the "Export video" button, on the top right. This will open the export window which looks like this:

CloudStudio screenshot of the export modal window

You can choose a name for the export, the quality, and if you want to receive an email upon completion. Press "Launch export" to start the export on the cloud. Once the export is finished, you can share the video, or download it to post on your preferred venues.

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