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How to plan a video shoot for brand building

Posted by Sandy How to Plan a Video Shoot for Brand Building

The digital landscape has evolved tremendously over the past decade, making videos one of the most powerful and impactful tools for brand building. From short TikTok snippets to longer YouTube tutorials, the appetite for video content has never been greater. However, the quality and relevance of the content are crucial. The right video, structured and executed well, can elevate a brand to new heights. Let’s dive into how to plan a video shoot that truly builds your brand.

1. Understanding Your Brand Identity

Before setting up any camera or drafting a script, the initial step should be a thorough understanding of your brand identity. The brand identity is essentially the portrayal of your brand to the customer, it should be consistent and satisfying.

  1. Core Values: Determine the core values of your brand. What does your brand stand for? It’s essential that any video content you produce reflects these values to maintain consistency and authenticity.

  2. Target Audience: Identify your target audience. Who are you creating this video for? Understand their preferences, their challenges, and their digital consumption habits. This will help tailor your video to their tastes and needs.

  3. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Every brand has something unique about it. Highlighting this USP in your video can set you apart from competitors. It could be product quality, customer service, or an innovative feature.

2. Conceptualizing the Video Content

With a solid understanding of your brand, you can move on to conceptualizing the video. Remember to look at the concept from the customer point of view to check that your brand identity is being conveyed.

  1. Choose the Video Type: There are numerous types of videos - explainer videos, testimonials, product demos, behind-the-scenes, etc. The type should align with your brand-building objective. The video type is an emotionally impactful medium and a powerful retention tool.

  2. Draft a Script: Every good video starts with a solid script. This script should not only be engaging but also align with your brand voice. The quality of your script is directly related to the quality of your final video, so write it well.

  3. Storyboarding: Visualize each scene of your video. Storyboarding will give you a clearer picture of how the video will flow and help identify any gaps or inconsistencies.

3. Logistics and Pre-production

Good preparation can make the actual shoot go smoothly and efficiently. Always remember to narrow down to the takeaway message of the video.

  1. Location Scouting: The location of your shoot can add significant value to the video. Whether it’s an indoor studio or an outdoor locale, ensure it aligns with your video’s theme and is logistically feasible.

  2. Equipment and Crew: High-quality video requires good equipment. Depending on your budget, this could range from at least a high end phone or a high-end DSLR to professional video cameras. Additionally, ensure you have a skilled crew - from camerapersons to sound technicians.

  3. Casting: If your video requires actors or presenters, ensure they resonate with your brand image. Often under exploited, real employees or genuine customers can add an authentic touch and help you connect with your customers much more easily and deeply.

4. Post-production and Editing

Shooting the video is only half the job. How you piece it together in post-production can make or break its effectiveness. Remember different types of videos need different kinds of editing, even the basic editing like adding music and cutting unnecessary parts might work well to effectively showcase your message.

  1. Selecting the Right Footage: Go through all the footage and select clips that best convey your message and resonate with your brand. Remember the video as a whole should leave the customer with one major takeaway message.

  2. Adding Effects and Transitions: Add transitions, effects, and graphics that enhance the video while ensuring they don’t overshadow the main content.

  3. Sound and Music: The audio is as crucial as the visuals. Use clear voice overs, background scores, and sound effects judiciously to enhance the overall feel of the video.


Planning a video shoot for brand building is a meticulous process that requires strategy, creativity, and technical know-how. With the right approach, your video can not only boost your brand’s visibility but also deepen the connection with your audience.

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